What is the Norfolk Lifelong Learning project?

Our Norfolk learning project involves special stewards called union learning reps (ulrs) working alongside local authorities to promote the importance of training and personal development to our membership and the larger workforce. We work with employers to set up learning agreements with councils to allow our union learning reps (ulrs) time to plan activities and time for our members to learn at their own pace. Our union learning project gets funding from the TUC to run formal courses, informal courses and help our members return to education.

What is an ULR and what is their role?

Union Learning Reps (ulrs) are special union stewards that focus on the education and training of the workforce. The ULR role involves: promoting the value of learning in your workplace, supporting learners, arranging learning/training alongside the branch Lifelong Learning Project Worker and supporting workplace learning centres to embed learning in the workplace.

People that work best in the Union Learning Rep role normally have some sort of education, learning or community group background but many of our reps took up the role because they've had difficulty with their own learning in the past and want to help others. ULRs are given paid time off for training and to fulfil their duties.

Being a Union Learning Rep is a rewarding and interesting role within the branch and allows you to give something back to the membership.

To find out more about the Lifelong Learning Project or to become an ULR please contact Melissa Brown the UNISON Lifelong Learning Project Worker at melissabrown.unison@btconnect.com or at 07717517564.

List of current ULRS:

Melissa Brown-Lifelong Learning Project Worker - melissabrown.unison@btconnect.com
Jane Bartram - ULR jane.bartram@norfolk.gov.uk
Andrew Clayden - ULR Andrew.clayden@norfolk.gov.uk
Adrian White - ULR Adrian.white@norfolk.gov.uk
Claire Sullivan - ULR Claire.sullivan@norfolk.gov.uk
Kathie Canfield - ULR kathie.canfield@norfolk.gov.uk
Roberto Ramirez - ULR- Roberto.ramirez@norfolk.gov.uk
Celia Viner - ULR - celia.viner@norfolk.gov.uk
Adam Greenwood ULR - adam.greenwood@norfolk.gov.uk